An Open Letter to Picnic & Special Event Providers

Friends, I am writing with an update as to our summer plans as it relates to the administration of picnics & special events. So many of you have responded to our call for assistance with feeding our staff and kiddos, which saves TLC literally tens of thousands of dollars during the summer season. I am saddened that we will be unable to allow visitors, and in particular, outside volunteer food services by way of our normal picnics & special events this summer.

  1. Notify your team that volunteer picnics & other special events will not operate as scheduled in person at TLC during the summer season of 2021.
  2. Consider if your team would like to donate the funds that would have otherwise been used to provide your picnic or special event.

As you may be aware, I presented the 3P Strategic Plan during the February Board Meeting in order to lay the groundwork for TLC’s plan for pandemic operations and beyond. This plan has modified our program for the summer of 2021 to include families, who will reside and remain together at TLC during their camp session. In addition, the camp schedule has been modified to include two sessions per week with time in between for sanitation efforts to occur.

While I had hoped that conditions would continue to improve in time for Camp, the CDC & the American Camp Association (ACA) continue to recommend against allowing visitors while guests are present; therefore, our picnics will not be able to proceed as planned.

I recognize that this is disappointing news and I agree that our traditional picnic program is an excellent way for clubs to visit TLC and provide service projects that truly make a difference. I fully anticipate and hope that we will be able to return to normal by the summer of 2022.


While conditions in Texas have continued to improve, the global pandemic has challenged us in ways we never imagined possible and has stretched our systems, operations, finances, and plans, but not our resolve. As we prepare for the upcoming, historic program of 2021, I hope you will join us by financially supporting the 2021 program, engaging with us on any of our social media outlets and/or encouraging a child in your area to join us online for our virtual program, known as TLC Times, which will run concurrently with the in-person, family camps. By working together, we will continue to provide valuable services this summer to benefit families of children who have special medical conditions.

Sincerely yours,

Stephen S. Mabry, President & CEO

Texas Lions Camp, Inc.