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What is TLC4Families All About?

TLC's value proposition for family camp is simple: to draw families closer together through shared experience.


In the News

The last thing that TLC ever wants to be is a well kept secret. That's why we appreciate it when those closest to TLC tell their story. The media outlets that create and air content are important partners and we appreciate their many efforts as well. See what is being said about TLC-4-Families:

Who Qualifies?

The quick answer: Families who have a child with special medical conditions living under their roof qualify to attend TLC, along with their siblings and parents or guardians.

How will Housing work?

Families registered for the program will be assigned to their own, private quarters as a family. As a result of TLC's Master plan and a year-long construction project, TLC families attending family camp will now have an opportunity to reside in one of 12 Eagle Trail Cabins or in a wing of a bunkhouse.


Healthcare and medications during the week will remain the responsibility of the head-of-household but TLC will have a nurse available for first aid as needed.

Dining-Food Service

TLC will offer food service through its dining hall and food service staff for those engaged in the program.

Once In, Stay In

Once checked-in to the campus, guests will be asked to remain on the campus for the duration of their stay. Moreover, outside visitors will not be allowed on campus and vendors will follow protocols for deliveries.

Activities & Facilities at TLC

What will families get to do while at TLC? The answer is a great deal and all of it will be done as a family unit. Families will have the opportunity to pick and choose many of the activities they wish to pursue each day while some of the activities will be scheduled.

Programs List
  • Archery
  • Miles of Hiking Trails
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Swimming
  • Horses
  • Ropes Course
  • Indoor Basketball/volleyball courts
  • Music
  • Fishing lake
  • Paddle boating & Canoeing
  • Tennis Courts
  • Miniature Golf Course
  • Star Gazing
  • Outdoor Campfire Areas
  • Night Activities

2024 Camp Schedule

The format for the schedule will consist of a Tues-Wed, one-night stay for those who prefer a shorter event during the week, followed by a Friday-Sunday, two night stay, for those who prefer a weekend. As you will note, the schedule has been shortened and spread out so that the staff can clean and santize between sessions.

Families with Special Medical Conditions
Session Type Date Focus
9 Mid-week July 21-23, 2024 Family-Special Med
10 Weekend July 25-27, 2024 Family-Special Med
11 Mid-week July 28-30, 2024 Family-Special Med
12 Weekend Aug 1-3, 2024 Family-Special Med

How to Apply

Applications are now open.

To register your family, please click the button below:

Please note that family camp is reserved for families whose children are not registered for another session.

What about Diabetes?

Q. If we are a family with diabetes and can't come in July, can we come to one of the June sessions?
A. Yes, so long as you realize that there will be neither diabetes education, nor our normal contingent of diabetes medical support and educators available.