What is TLC4Families All About?

During the Semi-Annual Board Meeting held on Saturday, February 6, 2021, President & CEO, Stephen Mabry outlined for the Board of Directors a structured approach to offer TLC's summer program and facilities to families for the very first time in the organization's history. "I can't tell you how many times, I have heard siblings, parents and other extended family members say during check-in, 'I wish I could come to camp!' Well, now is their time," said Mabry.

COVID-19 has demanded that the world's population, find ways to socially distance and to avoid large gatherings and despite the release of new vaccines, the need to continue non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPI's) - such as minimizing exposure to others - is going to be with us for the foreseeable future, and certainly through the Summer of 2021.

"I told you at this time last year," said Stephen, "that given Time, Planning and Information, TLC would be back. Well, we have had time to evaluate, plan and mount what we believe to be both a reasonable and creative response and the entire organization, from top to bottom, is excited to be in a position to offer, TLC-4-Families for the Summer of 2021."


In the News

The last thing that TLC ever wants to be is a well kept secret. That's why we appreciate it when those closest to TLC tell their story. The media outlets that create and air content are important partners and we appreciate their many efforts as well. See what is being said about TLC-4-Families:

Who Qualifies?

The quick answer: Families who have a child with special medical conditions living under their roof qualify to attend TLC, along with their siblings and parents or guardians.

This is going to be a very different format for our long-time or returning campers, who will be invited first to make their family application. Much of the application will be the same, but it will be shorter and more relaxed as we will need less diagnostic and care instructions conveyed to TLC.

How will Housing work?

Families registered for the program will be assigned to their own, private quarters as a family. If you are familiar with TLC bunkhouses, this will work by converting the A & B Wings to a family unit with the furnishings arranged as a living room and sleeping quarters in-one. If you are new to TLC, imagine a condominium or duplex arrangement with two families per building, but both with their own private quarters assigned as "A" or "B" to themselves.


Healthcare and medications during the week will remain the responsibility of the head-of-household but TLC will have a nurse available for first aid as needed.

Dining-Food Service

TLC will offer food service through its dining hall and food service staff for those engaged in the program.

Once In, Stay In

Once checked-in to the campus, guests will be asked to remain on the campus for the duration of their stay. Moreover, outside visitors will not be allowed on campus and vendors will follow protocols for deliveries.

Activities & Facilities at TLC

What will families get to do while at TLC? The answer is a great deal and all of it will be done as a family unit. Families will have the opportunity to pick and choose many of the activities they wish to pursue each day while some of the activities will be scheduled.

Non-pharmaceutical Interventions (NPI's) to prevent the introduction or spread of COVID will be observed at all times; therefore, guests and staff will be asked to wear face coverings and socially distance from others while at TLC. Children less than 10 years of age will be exempted from the masking requirement, in harmony with public health guidelines.

Programs List
  • Archery
  • Miles of Hiking Trails
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Swimming
  • Horses
  • Ropes Course
  • Indoor Basketball/volleyball courts
  • Music
  • Fishing lake
  • Paddle boating & Canoeing
  • Tennis Courts
  • Miniature Golf Course
  • Star Gazing
  • Outdoor Campfire Areas
  • Night Activities

2021 Camp Schedule

The format for the schedule will consist of a Tues-Wed, one-night stay for those who prefer a shorter event during the week, followed by a Friday-Sunday, two night stay, for those who prefer a weekend. As you will note, the schedule has been shortened and spread out so that the staff can clean and santize between sessions.

June - Families with Special Medical Conditions
Session Type Date Focus
1 Mid-week June 8-9, 2021At Capacity Family-Special Med
2 Weekend June 11-13, 2021At Capacity Family-Special Med
Open Open Open
3 Weekend June 18-20, 2021At Capacity Family-Special Med
4 Mid-week June 22-23, 2021At Capacity Family-Special Med
5 Weekend June 25-27, 2021At Capacity Family-Special Med
6 Mid-week June 29-30, 2021At Capacity Family-Special Med
7 Weekend July 2-4, 2021At Capacity Family-Special Med
July - Families with Diabetes
Session Type Date Focus
8 Weekend July 9-11, 2021 At Capacity Family-Diabetes
9 Mid-week July 13-14, 2021At Capacity Family-Diabetes
10 Weekend July 16-18, 2021 At Capacity Family-Diabetes
11 Mid-week July 20-21, 2021At Capacity Family-Diabetes
12 Weekend July 23-25, 2021At Capacity Family-Diabetes
13 Mid-week July 27-28, 2021At Capacity Family-Diabetes
14 Weekend July 30-Aug 1, 2021>At capacity Family-Diabetes

How to Apply

Please be patient as we put the finishing touches on this dynamic change to operations. Keep your attention focused here at our website and upon our social media outlets for additional releases and information about the program as well as how to register. Registration is now open and the response so far has been very positive indicating that the limited spaces are likely to be quickly filled.

Choose One of the Following Methods:

REGISTRATION UPDATE: As expected, there has been an overwhelming response to the 2021 program offering; as a result of the rate at which applications are arriving, we will close registration on March 15, or sooner if the maximimum alottment is achieved earlier. This will also allow families time to make alternate plans where needed.


Why this format?

Q. Why are the 1-week, residential camps normally hosted at Lions Camp not being held this year?
A. Due to COVID-19, large gatherings of people, particularly those from the geo-graphic area of Texas are considered high-risk. Combined with the populations we serve also being at higher risk as listed by the CDC, we have elected to modify our operations to a much smaller group that has already been "exposed" together and then ask that they distance from others not in their group while using other NPI's to avoid infection.

Is this change permanent?

Q. Is this change going to be permanent?
A. No, this change has been made for the summer of 2021 and while COVID protocols are necessary.

Will TLC2U be held again this year?

Q. Will TLC2U be held again this year for those who are unable to attend camp in person or who would prefer a virtual option?
A. Yes, but we are planning on making some changes that will enhance the program.

What about Diabetes?

Q. If we are a family with diabetes and can't come in July, can we come to one of the June sessions?
A. Yes, so long as you realize that there will be neither diabetes education, nor our normal contingent of diabetes medical support and educators available.