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  • 2021 Important Dates
  • Summer Jobs at TLC
  • International Staff
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  • Scholarships
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What is Camp All About?

At Texas Lions Camp, we view camp as a time for campers to explore, exercise curiosity, and discover new interests and abilities. We want campers to attempt things that would normally be out of their reach, such as riding a horse, or rock climbing on our ropes course, or just being part of a team.

Almost every activity at TLC requires more than one person to accompish - the premise being that we are not meant to be alone in life and can accomplish great things when we work together.

Not only is participation in the context of a team an important life skill, but it is a pathway to the self-esteem, boosting multiplier of helping others accomplish their goals. Almost seven decades of experience has taught that children who invest in the success of others experience a heightened sense of self-worth and a renewed sense of purpose.

Our campers graduate week after week, having been introduced to actively pursuing friendships, goals, teamwork and a passion we have found translates to life-long lessons for leading successful and purposeful lives.


2021 Schedule of Important Dates

Who Date Focus
PO Staff & Leadership May 19, 2021; 4:00 PM Planning & Preparations
Arrival Date -1 2:00 pm; May 22, 2021 Leadership/Specialized Training Week
Staff Training-1 May 23-29, 2021 Leadership/Specialized Training Week
Arrival Date-2 2:00 pm; May 29, 2021 All-staff, Staff Training
Staff Training-2 May 30-June 5, 2021 All Staff
Weekly Sessions June 6 - Aug 7, 2021 All Staff
Camp Shutdown Aug 8, 2021 All staff
International Flights Aug 9-11, 2021 International Staff Departures International Staff

TLC continues to grow in popularity, size and scope. Our programs are offered in one-week increments at no-charge to campers or their families. It is not that camp is inexpensive, rather, it is that someone else has paid the bill in full. As a matter of fact, it is a very expensive operation and is a gift of more than $1,850 to the children who participate. In many cases, the Lions of Texas also provide transportation making the gift over $2,000 for those children.

Summer Jobs at TLC

Why are so many people talking about Texas Lions Camp? Because it is an amazing experience. Texas Lions Camp provides a traditional summer camp experience to children with physical disabilities, at no cost. We do this in a high energy staff-driven way. Our goal is to teach campers that they can do anything they put their minds to by being there for them and challenge them to try new and exciting things. We help kids with Cerebral Palsy to climb the rock wall and blind children to shoot archery. Staff members will have in-depth training in working with physical disabilities,type 1 diabetes and Down syndrome. The facilities include air-conditioned bunkhouses, beach-entry pool, beautiful dining hall, and covered riding arena. Check out the comments on our Facebook page and you will see why you want to be a part of this staff.

We are hiring the following seasonal, positions for our Summer Camp Program:

Program Office Staff
  • CLC Program Office
  • Activities Director Program Office
  • Administrative Assistant- Program Office Program Office
  • Administrative Assistant- Purchasing Program Office
  • Camp Out Coordinator Program Office
  • Cultural Exchange Visa Intern Program Office
  • Intern/Accounting Program Office
  • Intern/Program Office Program Office
  • Intern/Registrar Office Program Office
  • Program Aide Program Office
  • PurchActivity Staffing Assistant Program Office
  • SociActivity Leader Media Coordinator Program Office
  • Special Activities Coordinator Program Office
  • Bunkhouse Staff
    • Team Leader
    • Rover
    • Wing Leader
    • Wing Staff
    Activity Staff
    • Adventure Programming Activity Leader
    • Adventure Programming Activity Staff
    • Archery Activity Leader
    • Archery Activity Staff
    • Arts & Crafts Activity Leader
    • Arts & Crafts Activity Staff
    • Activity Assistant Waterfront Activity Leader
    • Camp Scene Investigation Activity Leader
    • Camp Scene Investigation Activity Staff
    • Center Stage Activity Leader
    • Center Stage Activity Staff
    • Development Photography Activity Staff
    • Farmlife Activity Leader
    • Farmlife Activity Staff
    • Horses Activity Leader
    • Horses Activity Staff
    • Music Activity Leader
    • Music Activity Staff
    • Nature Studies Activity Leader
    • Nature Studies Activity Staff
    • Photography Activity Leader
    • Photography Activity Staff
    • R&A Activity Leader
    • R&A Activity Staff
    • Radio Activity Leader
    • Radio Activity Staff
    • Videography Activity Staff
    • Waterfront Activity Leader
    • Waterfront Activity Staff
    • Work Shop Activity Leader
    • Work Shop Activity Staff
    • FNP
    • RN
    • LVN
    Dining Hall - Food Service
    • Kitchen Manager
    • Cook (AM)
    • Cook (PM)
    • Front of House Team Leader
    • Dining Activity Leader Service
    • Salad Bar Prep
    • Server/Dish Washer
    Support Staff
    • Maintenance Support
    • Kitchen Support
    • House-keeping Support
    • Schreiner Internship Program
    Diabetic Medical Staff
    • Team Physician Diabetic Med Staff
    • Team Nurse Diabetic Med Staff
    • Dietitian Diabetic Med Staff
    • Nurse (Diabetic camps only) Diabetic Med Staff
    • Diabetic Med Staff (non-licensed volunteers) Diabetic Med Staff

    International Staff

    For over 10 years now, Texas Lions Camp has been inviting individuals from other countries to join the Texas Lions Camp staff and share their culture, talents and skills to help children with special medical conditions increase their self-esteem. This aspect of our program has been widly successful for campers and staff-members alike and there are now hundreds of staff members spanning the globe that are now Texas Lions Camp Alumni.

    Individuals from other contries that qualify to work in the US may apply to work at TLC for the summer. For most, this has been accomplished under the J-1 Visa/Cultural Exchange program, which requires a State-Department approved sponsor and invitation to work at TLC.

    In the past, countries have included:
    • Australia
    • New Zealand
    • England
    • Leads
    • Scotland
    • Africa

    In addition to some of these locales, TLC will also recruits in the Netherlands, Ireland and Mexico.

    Even if you have filed an application through a sponsorsing agency and have met with TLC during a job fair, we ask that you submit your application through the online job portal.

    The Beautiful Texas Hill Country

    If you have never been to Texas, the first thing you should know is that you can drive at 70mph (112.65 kmh) for 11 hours and never leave the Lone-Star State! As they say, "everything is bigger in Texas!"

    With so much space, you can bet there is lots to see & do, and the Texas Hill Country offers some of the best of the best as far as attractions go. Centrally located 2 hours from the capital (Austin) and 1 hour from San Antonio, the Texas Hill Country is well known for its beauty and hospitality.

    Texas - Things to See & Do

    Visit Travel Texas- with an expansive website, learn more about what Texas has to offer.

    Discover Kerrville

    Kerrville, Texas - learn more about Kerrville, Texas, home to Texas Lions Camp which is uniquesly situated just outside the City Limits, near the Guadalupe River.

    Kerrville Folk-Life Festival

    Kerrville, Folk-Life Festival - Kerrville isn't just home to Texas Lions Camp, it's also home to the reknowned Folk-Life Festival which operates not far from TLC each summer.

    Discover Fredericksburg

    Fredericksburg, Texas - just up the road about 30 miles you will find the quaint town of Fredericksburg that offers fine dining, small-town, Texas shops and museums.

    Enchanted Rock

    Enchanted Rock - what could easily become one of your favorite things to do in Fredericksburg is to hike to the top of Enchanted Rock, a pink granite dome that is one-of-a-kind and unique to the Texas Hill Country.

    San Antonio Riverwalk

    San Antonio Riverwalk - just own the road about 1 hour to our South is the famous San Antonio Riverwalk, sporting just about everything you could want on nights and days off. San Antonio is also home to a number of sports teams, including the World Champion, San Antonio SpursBasketball Team.

    Austin, Texas

    Visit Austin - and you soon will discover the city's favorite quote, "Keep Austin Weird".


    The Lions do such an amazing job providing both for TLC and the summer staff. One of the many things they offer each year are scholarships for US staff and most recenlty added, travel stipends for international staff.

    Staff members who otherwise meet the qualifications may apply for these cash awards to defray education expense, which are in addition to wages that are provided by Texas Lions Camp, Inc. and provided as an agreement between the Lions Club and recipient.

    Getting Paid

    Summer employees are paid weekly, at the conclusion of each session. In addition to our screening procedures, the Federal Government also imposes certain requirements for employment and compensation that will include:

    Employment Forms
    • Social Security Number - Internationals that do not yet have their social security number will be provided transporation to the local social security office so that application can be made and a number assigned.
    • Signed, W-4 - Every Texas Lions Camp staff member must have a W-4 form on file to be employed at the Texas Lions Camp.
    1. Download and print out the W-4 form
    2. Fill in your legal first and last name in box #1
    3. Leave all other spaces blank
    4. Bring the form with you to camp
    • Signed, I-9 - Every Texas Lions Camp staff member must have an I-9 form on file to be employed at the Texas Lions Camp. Think of this form as the United State‚Äôs way of verifying that you are legally allowed to be employed. Please complete the following steps before you arrival at camp.
    1. Print pages 1 & 2 of the I-9 form
    2. Fill out section 1 with your personal information (leave social security blank)
    3. Leave page 2 blank (which will be filled in while at Camp)
    4. Bring this form with you to camp

    How to Apply for Summer Staff Positions

    To make things quick and easy, please use the on-line portal to fill-out and submit your your summer-staff application. You will have the opportunity to identify and request your references using this system. (Looking for full-time positions? - See the professional staff page.)