Promote TLC

Event Toolkit

  • Audio Recordings - Commercials
  • Banners
  • Table Displays
  • Flyers
  • Dinner/Banquet/Fundraiser Items
  • TLC Tablecloths
Audio Recordings - Commercials: These short clips are available for your promotion of TLC in various outlets from radio spots to online channels.

  • 30 Sec mp3
  • 60 Sec mp3
  • 15 Sec mp3
  • 15 Sec mp3 - Aussie Accent from Down-under
    • TLC 4X8' BANNER - Whether you are marking the event, setting up a display, providing an information booth or part of a community outreach, these banners will bring the joy of TLC to everyone. People will be drawn to you with these banners heralding the wonderful activities and personal growth that TLC campers participate in each summer. The artwork can be used for a 4’x 8’ banner or shrunk to a 3’ x 6’ banner and still maintain its quality. Use these banners for any and all events, or to just hang behind your campers when they come to your club or organization to share of their experiences while attending TLC.

  • Banner Style 1 (12.0 Mb allow time)
  • Banner Style 2 (14.1 Mb allow time)
    • Table runners -  These table runners are ideal for setting up an information table anywhere.  When you don’t know the size of the table that will be available, this table runner is good for anything from a card table to an 8-foot banquet table.  There is a schematic to show you how it would be displayed to help you with the overall look.

  • Table Runner 30"x72" (6.2 Mb)
  • Table Runner Diabgram (317 Kb)
    • Tablecloth - A tablecloth is essential to setting the theme of your organization you are supporting. The TLC Tablecloth will provide more than enough incentive to anyone to want to know more about what and who we serve by just seeing the faces of the kids we serve. The Tablecloth artwork and schematic are needed in order to know where everything is to be placed and how the overall object will look. The logo is included for a clear and high res image.

  • Table Cloth - Front Image (10.8 Mb)
  • Table Cloth - Schematic (354 Kb)
  • Table Cloth - Top Logo (59 kb)
    • TLC Half-sized flyer - TLC Half Size Flyer – these are 5 ½ x 8 ½in. sized flyers that are designed for printing on the opposite side your event information or the club contact information to hand out to announce your event.
  • Half-pint flyer (2.9 Mb)