What is the TLC Times?

The TLC Times has been developed in order to bring Texas Lions Camp home to those children who will be unable to attend TLC this summer. Another way of thinking about the program is that TLC Times is TLC's offering for distance or remote programming, similar to last year's TLC2U.

Children who are signed up to receive our mailing, will receive three (3) editions of the TLC Times, which will be formatted as a newspaper, with a twist: our paper will be filled with activities and embedded QR Codes, which will make navigation to resources, activities, stories and exciting content easily found by any internet capable, camera equipped device. The exciting content created by the staff of TLC, is designed especially for campers and to include them in camp, despite the distance.

Who Qualifies?

Former campers, or new, prospective or interested campers who have signed up to receive the TLC Times.

Links to Content

Links to content will be developed and added here at the time of the edition's release.

Edition Schedule

The Times will be released 3 times during the summer of 2021, on approximately the following schedule:


How to Sign-up

To sign-up, please use the form below to complete the quick and easy process. (estimated time to complete: less than 4 minutes)


Is this the same program as family camp?

Q. Is this the same program as family camp?
A. No - family camp is for families that have registered and been accepted into the in-person, camping program for the summer of 2021. TLC Times is our remote participation camp for children who are unable to attend in person during the summer of 2021.

If we are attending family camp, can we register for TLC Times?

Q. If we are attending family camp, can we register for TLC Times?
A. Yes, but you will need to register for TLC Times separately. Just use the convenient online form provided in the Sign-up Section.

Will TLC2U be held again this year?

Q. Will TLC2U be held again this year for those who are unable to attend camp in person or who would prefer a virtual option?
A. Yes, TLC Times is our distance participation program for the Summer of 2021.