Giving Matters

First of all, thank you for even considering making a gift to support the work of Texas Lions Camp. If it were not for the generosity of so many gracious donors, Texas Lions Camp would have never become a reality nor would it have flourished for over 70 years.

Almost every activity at TLC requires more than one person to accompish - the premise being that we are not meant to be alone in life and can accomplish great things when we work together. The same is true of our donors and donations.

Not only is participation in the context of a team an important life skill, but it is a pathway to the self-esteem, boosting multiplier of helping others accomplish their goals. Almost seven decades of experience has taught that children who invest in the success of others experience a heightened sense of self-worth and a renewed sense of purpose.

Did you know that it is a proven fact that those who give charitably live longer, more fulfilled lives than those who don't give? Your donations make camp possible and that makes life lessons and self-esteem promoting activities possible for the campers of TLC.It is also too big of a task for any one person, and that's why every gift matters and makes you part of Team-TLC!

Our campers graduate week after week, having been introduced to actively pursuing friendships, goals, teamwork and a passion we have found translates to life-long lessons for leading successful and purposeful lives. As a donor, you have a share in making that possible.

The Texas Lions Camp is recognized as a charitable organization under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax deductible as prescribed by law - please see your tax advisor for more information.


Century Club

TLC continues to grow in popularity, size and scope. Our programs are offered in one-week increments at no-charge to campers or their families. It is not that camp is inexpensive, rather, it is that someone else has paid the bill in full. As a matter of fact, it is a very expensive operation and is a gift of more than $1,850 to the children who participate. In many cases, the Lions of Texas also provide transportation making the gift over $2,000 for those children.

Believe it or not, the bulk of charitable giving in the United States does not come from foundations or corporations but from individuals. TLC's Century Club provides an easy method for individual donors to get involved and donate directly to TLC on an on-going basis.

Century Club donations are annual donations provided by an individual, business, or organization. All Century Club contributors receive a lapel pin and a handsome wall plaque. Century Club donations may be paid as a single lump sum, by monthly bank draft or here on our website.

Century Club levels are as follows:

CC Levels
Bronze $100 or $10/mth
Silver $250 or $21/mth
Gold $500 or $42/mth
Diamond $1,000 or $84/mth
Ambassador $5,000 or $420/mth

Please consider joining us...your participation matters! To sign-up and start providing for the needs of TLC campers, click one of the following:

Endowment Bricks

Providing for our Future

Endowment bricks are a great way to honor someone. Proceeds from briksthis program are deposited to the Camp's Endowment Fund, ensuring future generations of children will have the privilege of attending Texas Lions Camp.


Bricks sale for $250.00 and allow 60 characters of engraving, so your message can be uniquely stated for the individual (s) you wish to honor. And perhaps best of all, bricks are attractively displayed along the front walk of the Camp's Administration Building, which receives over 10,000 visitors each year.

Endowment Tree

The Endowment Tree adorns the west wall of the Camp's Rec Hall. All proceeds generated benefit TLC's Endowent Fund.

Endowment Rocks
Stone - Brass Plate over bronze backer
SKU# TLC - 03
Dimensions: 7.5"x5"
Cast in bronze, the TLC Endowment Stones are an attractive way of honoring anyone.
Price:  $5,000.00-$9,999.00
Endowment Boulders
Boulder - cast in bronze
SKU# TLC - 04
Dimensions: 11.5"x1.5"
The Endowment Boulder is the pinnacle of honoring that special someone, while providing today's dollars for tommorow's children.
Price:  $10,000.00 and above

Honorariums & Memorials

Making a gift in the name of someone else is a great way of showing your love and support. We realize that when an honorarium or memorial gift is made that a tremendous amount of love, respect and thoughtfullness went into that contribution and as such, we promise to be good stewards of that gift.

What You Can Expect:
  1. TLC will receive and acknowledge your charitable contribution with a letter that will serve as your receipt.
  2. In the case of an honorarium, we will inform your honoree by US Mail that a gift has been made to Texas Lions Camp in their honor.
  3. In the case of a memorial, TLC will inform the family or whomever you designate that a memorial gift honoring their loved-one has been made to Texas Lions Camp.

Jack Wiech Fellowships


Many choose to continue their commitment to the Texas Lions Camp by participating in the Jack Wiech Fellowship Progressive Program.  Lions Clubs and districts also participate by making donations in the name of an individual who is already a Jack Wiech Fellow.  Progressive levels are available in $1,000 increments. An inscribed plaque and lapel pin are given to each recipient of this prestigious award.

TLC License Plates

During the 78th Legislative Session, the Texas Lions Camp was authorized by the Texas Legislature to participate in the Texas Specialty License Plate Program. What this means, is that any one who would like to show their Lions Camp pride, can support the Texas Lions Camp by purchasing a TLC License Plate for one or more of their vehicles.

The fees for TLC Plates are paid directly to TxDot, and are assessed annually, in addition to your annual vehicle registration. Prices for TLC plates are billed as follows:

  • Specialty License Plates - $30.00
  • Personalized, Spcialty License Plates - $70.00

If you have ever wondered if this type of program really holds any value for organizations, then you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that proceeds from the program have exceeded $100,000.

So don't delay...visit your local courthouse and request the TLC plate today! You will be glad you did and will find yourself making a huge difference for your Organization for only .08 cents per day!

Life Memberships


What is it?

Life memberships to Texas Lions Camp began in 1951, and are a fantastic method of staying connected with TLC, recognizing an honored guest, speaker or loved ones. For pinexample, many Lions Clubs have given Life Memberships as honorariums or as a memorial that may be presented to a family member. Lions Clubs as a whole may not be a Life Member; rather, individual Lions, other individuals and businesses are encouraged to be Life Members.

How Much is it?

For a donation of $100.00, the recipient receives a certificate and lapel pin. Or, for an additional $25.00 (or $125.00) the certificate will be mounted on an attractive, walnut wall plaque and will be shipped ready to hang, along with the lapel pin.

How do I Order? 

The Camp will need the following information to be provided with the donation: typed or printed name of the life member, the mailing address, if delivery is needed before a certain date, Lions Club affiliation and district.

Staff Scholarships & Stipends

Expenses for higher education and travel have continued to spiral out of control for the summer staff members who give and give and give. One of the great things you can do to help, is to give back to those who make the magic of TLC happen for our kiddos through a scholarship (domestic employees) or travel stipend (international employees).

Next steps? I'm glad you asked. Just fill out the form below and TLC will take it from there. We will send you your approved date, recommend the recipient, create the plaque and facilitate your presentation to the lucky recipient.

PLEASE NOTE: While it blesses TLC that you bless our summer staff, it is important that you know that this does not constitute a charitable donation to TLC nor will it be "credited" as a district or club gift received by TLC. Scholarships are a transaction between the donor and the recipient and TLC is merely making the introduction between the two. Travel stipends should be remitted to Texas Lions Camp, and will be passed along to the international staff member along with their final check.

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TLC Wishlist

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To assist in accounting for your restricted donation, click here to download your order form and send with your check.

Donor Privacy Policy

Texas Lions Camp will not share or sell a donor's personal, contact information with anyone else, nor send donor mailings on behalf of other organizations in connection with the donations made to TLC.

Texas Lions Camp may publish certain donations by name and amount in its annual report or in some instances in it's newsletter but will not include contact information in connection with donations it receives. In all instances, donors may request that their gift be listed as "anonymous" if selected for inclusion for publication. (Please be aware that this does not pertain to required reporting to the IRS or other regulatory agencies that have a bonafide interest in charity.)