Description of Events

  • Staff Training Meals
  • Carnival Crew
  • Refreshment Stand
  • Watermelon Picnic
  • Movie Night Concessions
  • Picnic Meal
  • Luggage Crew
  • Awards Night Host
  • Campout Cookout
  • Treasure Hunt

Feed the Squad! Feed the heart and soul of summer! Our kitchen manager will be available in the dining hall to orchestrate the meal prep, but they will need some support to serve meals. Serving will involve preparation of the meal, cooking the meal, serving the meal, and cleaning up after the meal. This opportunity will only be during the weeks of staff training. Help will be needed at both lunch and dinner.

How many are needed?

Clubs and organizations will need to bring a minimum of 8 people for specialized staff training and a minimum of 12 people for regular staff training. Groups serving staff training meals are not limited in total number of volunteers; bring as many folks as you think could benefit from helping and seeing Summer Camp Staff Training in action.


Clubs and organizations will be preparing, serving, and cleaning up after staff training meals. Duties in include working with ovens, cooktops, fryers, steamtable lines and the dish room. Along with serving, you will be asked to follow safe serving practices including maintaining proper temperatures, handwashing, wearing gloves, use of utensils and kitchen equipment.

Fill up your Clown Car with as many Lions as you can and head to TLC!! During this time you will host campers (and families) at an exciting Carnival adventure!! Interact with campers coming to enjoy camp. Serving will involve, set up and breaking down carnival booths as well as running booths.

Where do we do this?

Carnival is typically held around the flagpole area. Texas Lions Camp staff will meet your club at the Program Office at 6:30pm

When do we do this?

You will need to arrive at 6:30pm on Monday Night to set up booths and make sure the atmosphere is set for the Carnival. Take your place in a TCL carnival booth or your club’s booth and get ready for the campers to arrive. The carnival starts at 7:30 and usually lasts just over an hour. After the carnival camp will need help breaking down the booths, cleaning-up and storing everything. Clubs are typically finished by 9:30pm.

What to bring:

The camp has booths, canopies, and some prizes. We always welcome new games (contact Glenn Wilson to learn more). You can bring funny hats, carnival booth games and small carnival prizes (no candy or food please) or a donation to off-set the cost of the event.

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? Who Me? Couldn’t be?! Bring your own baked goods or snacks to share with the campers arriving for a fun-filled adventure at Texas Lions Camp. Snacks and Baked goods may need to vary for the diabetic sessions. TLC will provide drinks to serve. Your Lions Club will be set up at the check-in process at the Recreation Hall to share your treats with the TLC campers as they arrive.


Please arrive to the Recreation Hall by 1:30pm. You do not have to arrive any earlier as the staff will be occupied prepping for check-in and will not be able to assist you until 1:30pm. During sessions for children with physical disabilities and sessions for children with Down syndrome the refreshment stand will run from 2pm to 5pm.


When you arrive at the Rec Hall, staff will be there to orient you to the facility. Camp will provide water and has sodas*, snow cone machine and syrups, napkins, and snow cone cups. If your club would like to provide additional snacks, like individually packaged cookies, chips, granola bars tec., you are welcome to do so but please do not bring NUTS or any items that contains NUTS. Nut allergies are high for our population and present a serious threat to their wellbeing. *Camp has a supply of sodas on site. Payment option for sodas: the club counts the # of sodas given out and then covers the cost as a donation to the camp; sodas are $.75 cents each.

Nothing says summer like a watermelon party!! We’ll supply the melons, if you supply the Lions. Gather your Lions Club for an end-of-the-session Watermelon Party with the TLC. Watermelon Party will be held at our outdoor picnic pavilion. Watermelon will be served as we congratulate our campers on a job well done. Serving will involve preparation, set up, serving of watermelon, and cleanup of the picnic area.

How Many to Bring?

Clubs and organizations will need a minimum of 6 volunteers to properly serve a watermelon party. You can bring as many volunteers as you would like but falling under the minimum could cause delays in preparation and serving. The goal is to avoid lines and keep campers from having to wait in the sun.

Your club will arrive to the picnic area ready to serve. At that time camp staff will bring down sliced watermelon from the Dining Hall. Your club will be responsible for the bill and handing out plenty of watermelon to the campers and staff. Camp will order and slice watermelon in sufficient quantity to serve the campers and staff. You pay, plate, and pass out the melon. This is an easy and economical way for smaller clubs to be part of camp.


The Watermelon Party for Sessions serving children with physical disabilities and Down syndrome is held on Friday’s at 3pm. Your group will need to arrive no sooner than 2:00pm. Watermelon will arrive to the picnic area pre-sliced, and you will use the hour to plate the melon and prepare to serve. Please do not arrive early as the picnic area my still be occupied by the lunch picnic club as they wrap-up.

Lights! Camera! Action! Join the Cast of TLC-4-Families for an outdoor movie night! Your Lions Club will serve refreshments, cotton candy, sodas, popcorn, snow cones, and water for Friday night’s outdoor movie night for the Families of TLC-4-Families. Refreshments will be supplied by TLC. The movie will be shown at the amphitheater. Serving will involve, preparation, set up, serving, and cleanup of the amphitheater concession stand. You’re welcome to stay for our family-friendly movie.

What's needed?

Plan to bring 4 to 8 volunteers. Upon arrival, staff will be on hand to assist you in learning how to operate the popcorn machine, grind ice for snow cones and ice down drinks. Throughout the movie, your club will sponsor the cost of concessions (about $175) and serve the families in attendance.

On Friday night of Family Camp, you will arrive at 8pm. Movies typically last 2hrs so be prepared to assist for the duration of the show.

Come and Get it!! Ring the Dinner Bell and make the TLC campers, parents or families happy! Round up your Lions Club to serve dinner. You can have a glorious outdoor picnic or prepare and serve in TLC’s beautiful dining hall. We will have choices of the menu selection for the meal, we will order all the supplies needed through our supplier, have everything ready on-site for your club. Serving will involve, selecting the menu to be served, preparing, serving, and cleaning up the meal.

There’s no excitement like Check-In Day and Awards Night! Welcome Campers by assisting camp during the check-in process or wish them well as they load out. Round up a crew and join us by assisting parents unloading or loading luggage. Clubs assist staff in tagging, sorting and delivering luggage to the bunkhouses or the loading out parking lot. Luggage Crew actively participate with staff in sorting, carrying, tagging and moving luggage around camp. This is a huge task and help is greatly appreciated. Give your club great way to connect with camp, parents and see the whole facility.

Sunday Check-in:

Clubs will assist in welcoming parents and campers as they arrive to camp. Assist them in unloading their bags, sleeping bags, pillows and everything needed for a great week at camp. Luggage is moved from the cars to the luggage pavilion where volunteers will assist staff tagging each item with the camper’s name and bunkhouse number to ensure it gets to the correct bunkhouse. Luggage is transferred from the pavilion to luggage trailers. Volunteers and staff then make their way around camp delivering luggage to the correct bunkhouses.

Friday Check-out:

Clubs will assist in welcoming parents as they arrive to camp to pick-up their camper and participate in Parents’ Day events. Assist them in locating ALL their bags, pillows, sleeping bags and every item tagged with their camper’s name. Volunteers then assist parents in loading all their items in their vehicles. Luggage is moved to the Administration building parking lot from the bunkhouses where volunteers will assist staff organizing each item by name and bunkhouse number. Parents are greeted and then assisted in locating their camper’s luggage and any accompanying items (these include Art&Crafts projects to stuffed animals). Once all camper belongings are identified, volunteers and staff will assist in getting the luggage to the parents’ vehicle.

Join us in serving the campers on the biggest night of the week. Greet campers, parents and staff as they parade into the amphitheater to celebrate their session of camp. Hosts are the ambassadors to TLC on this night of celebration. Serving will involve assisting with seating, handing out programs and cheering the campers on as they make their way to the stage to shine in the spotlight.

Who is needed?

Awards Ceremony Hosts can be as few as 4 and as many as you can round-up for fun. This is a good Club, Multi-Club and even District Event.

The primary goal of the Awards Ceremony Hosts is to create a fun and exciting atmosphere. Volunteers will meet and greet parents, pass out programs, assist parents in locating seating, answer questions and ask all lions in attendance to join you in welcoming the campers to the celebration along the walkway into the ceremony. Be sure to wear your Lion Attire and be ready to Roar. Be prepared to be outside for the entirety of the event, bring water, hats, sunblock, and chairs if standing for long periods is difficult.

When to Arrive

Volunteers will need to arrive no later than 6:30 to greet parents as they arrive. At 7:15, campers will arrive, and your group will need to be lined up along he entrances to greet them. The ceremony concludes before 9pm; we would love help in thanking parents and the public for attending and then cleaning up any trash left behind. You may bring noisemakers, funny hats, signs or whatever you feel will add to the celebration. Please do not bring latex balloons or other items made of latex as many of our campers have latex allergies and these present a serious threat to their wellbeing.

Gather ‘round the campfire and host a hamburger cookout for the campers as they attend their campout under the stars. Campers campout as part of their TLC experience, for our youngest campers on Thursday nights, we need some assistance in prepping and serving dinner at the campsite. We will order all the supplies needed through our supplier, have everything ready on-site for your club. Serving will involve, preparing, serving, and cleaning up the meal at the campsite.

For many campers, this is their first time at camp and their first time to sleep under the stars. Having Lions at the campsite to prepare the burger cookout helps the staff get the children fed on schedule while the staff get the kids oriented to the campsite. Staff have quite the task of setting up the campsite with the kids; setting up cots, orienting campers to the campsite, building a fire and just getting some campers over the idea of sleeping outside. That can be a handful.

Arrive to camp at 4:30: Meal served at 6:00. Campout meals are on Thursdays at 6:00pm for our youngest campers. Campers will finish their last activity for the day and make their way up to the campsite arriving around 6:00pm ready to eat!

Lions arrive at camp and are escorted up to the campsite. There you will find all ingredients needed to prepare the burgers. Camp has grills to heat the patties (patties are pre-cooked to avoid bacterial risks associated with raw hamburger). Duties include, heating patties, setting up the serving line, greeting and serving the campers and staff on campout, cleaning up and being part of the campout experience.

Join the adventure of finding treasure on camp through medal detecting over multiple activity periods. Campers arrive by bunk and explore a designated area of camp in search of hidden treasure. Staff will be on hand to orient you to working with campers in the use of medal detectors. Serving includes burying coins, trinkets and medal knickknacks around the designated area and then assisting campers in locating those items. This activity is a huge hit on camp and the campers get to keep what they find.

Metal detecting is a lifelong activity that the campers can learn at camp and enjoy at home. Your club will be assisting campers in finding hidden coins and other metal trinkets scattered across an activity area.

How many are needed?

Clubs can bring as few as 4 and as many as you’d like. Camper groups range from 8-12 participants in each wing depending on the session. This activity can have from 1 to 2 wings at a time.


Campers will arrive by class period. Club members will assist then in using he metal detectors to find hidden treasure spread throughout the area. Clubs are encouraged to bring small metal trinkets to hide along with coins (foreign or domestic) for the campers to discover and keep. Camp has some foreign coins already distributed throughout the area and you can add to the fun. TLC staff will orient your club members to the use of the detectors. Campers arrive in groups and are taught how to use the detectors. Club members will assist the campers in locating treasure and give assistance when needed in retrieving their find.