Current Openings at TLC

Posted: 09/20/2022

You are cordially invited to download and review the Job Seeker's Notebook correpsonding to the following full-time, employment opportunities at TLC.

How to Apply:
  1. Download and review the Job Seekers Notebook listed above.
  2. Fillout and return the application that is included in the notebook along with your letters of reference, authorization to check criminal history and your resume. These should be sent by US Mail or Fax (attachments to email will not be accepted).
  3. Submit the information requested on the "Letter of Intent" form located on this page.
  4. Await word from TLC to see if an interview will be granted.
Help Us, help you!

We anticipate a volume reponse to these ads and therefore will be unable to accept calls, emails, texts or other forms of contact about the job openings other than the ones specified in "How to Apply" above.

Other Opporunities:

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