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Wednesday, April 12, 2023 - by Stephen S. Mabry

Last Updated: 04/13/2023

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From the Office of the President & CEO
Stephen S. Mabry

Texas Lions Camp Seeks Scholarship Sponsors to Benefit Summer Staff of 2023

Kerrville, TX - April 13, 2023. Texas Lions Camp (TLC) is pleased to announce that the scholarship sponsor's portal to benefit the summer staff of 2023 is now open. TLC is seeking sponsors to underwrite scholarships which are typically awarded in $500-$1,000 increments to benefit domestic staff members, and travel stipends in any amount to benefit international staff.

Figure 1.Visit us online to register.

I am very proud to offer this scholarship program to our summer staff and will tell you that it is an indispensible component of our ability to maintain and recruit high quality staff members each year. Our Summer Staff members work incredibly hard and the dedication that our staff members put in every day to make a positive impact on the lives of the children we serve is unparalleled in the camping industry. These scholarships and stipends are just one small way that we can show our appreciation and support for them.

I received a scholarship the summer I worked for TLC as a summer counselor, and I can tell you first-hand what a difference that any amount of support can make in the life of a college student. I am grateful to all of the donors who make these scholarships possible for our staff.

Lions Clubs, families, individuals and organizations that are interested in sponsoring and presenting a scholarship or travel stipend can visit to learn more about the scholarship program and to make their pledge. The pledge form is simple to complete and allows donors to choose the amount they wish to contribute.

If you have questions that cannot be answered by what has been provided online, please contact Karen-Anne King, Vice-President of Summer Camps or a member of the Program Team at (830) 896-8500.

Respectfully yours,

Stephen S. Mabry
President & CEO
Texas Lions Camp, Inc.


Stephen is President and CEO of Texas Lions Camp, Inc. having began his career in 1989 as the summer horsemanship director. TLC, Inc. is recognized as a 501(c)(3) charitable, organization by the IRC and has a large Board of Directors consisting of 94 voting members and over 300 volunteer members that serve on one of 10 standing committees. As a corporation, TLC has more than 200 full-time and seasonal employees (who are organized into 7 departments) and over 2,000 volunteers per year that are responsible for creating an atmosphere of success for more than 1,500 children with physical disabilities per summer. During his tenure, Stephen has overseen the building or renovation of every one of the more than 50 structures on the Kerrville campus, and is currently working to implement the thesis of the Master Plan of "Four Camps, One Campus". Stephen has been a Certified Association Executive with the American Society of Association Executives, and a past Certified Fund-Raising Executive with the Association of Fundraising Professionals. Stephen is a father of three and resides on TLC’s Kerrville campus together with his wife Shawn, who as luck would have it, is a professional editor.
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