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SSM's Slap Yo Mama Squash

Wednesday, November 27, 2019 - by Stephen S. Mabry, CAE

SSM’s Slap Yo Mama Squash

Adapted from Shawn Mabry’s recipe 


  • Yellow & Green Squash (3 each - sliced 1/4” to 1/2”)
  • Bacon (4-5 slices)
  • Butter
  • White or yellow Onion (1/2)
  • Green onion
  • Garlic salt, pepper, salt
  • Mushrooms 
  • Velveeta Cheese (~3/4 cup)
  • Grated cheese
  • Cream of Mushroom - 1 can
  • Cream of Poblano - 1 can
  • Serrano peppers (1-2 diced)
  • Cream or milk (keep Velveeta from scorching)
  • Crispy Red Pepper

This dish is Cooked to taste so amounts may be varied. 

Cut bacon into 1” squares and 1/2 cook in large pan on med heat. Add butter, diced onion, diced Serrano peppers and crushed garlic (or garlic salt) to taste. Sauté mushrooms in next if desired till bacon/mushrooms are mostly done. Add sliced squash and cook down to desired texture, seasoning with salt, pepper and garlic salt along the way.  (Note: I don’t like mushy squash - and most ppl don’t- so I am looking to soften squash only ~20min over med heat without ending with baby food - 😳). 

In a sauce pan, gently heat cream or milk, butter and fold-in Velveeta cheese and stir till melted. Once melted and mixed, add 1-can cream of mushroom and 1-can cream of poblano.  Keep stirred and don’t let burn, then set aside. 

In a large Pyrex or casserole dish, add squash sauté (drain juice from squash if desired) and then pour cheese sauce over the top till squash is covered and drowning (or comfortably doin the back-stroke). Sprinkle top with favorite grated cheese and then top with Crispy Red Pepper. Bake uncovered on 350 for 20/30 min till bubbly or brown on top. 

Serve hot and hold Mom accountable for making you eat vegetables that weren’t made like this!

Crispy Red Peppers


Stephen is President and CEO of Texas Lions Camp, Inc. and recently celebrated 30 years of service to this 70 year-old, 501(c)(3) charitable, organization in August of 2019. TLC, Inc. has a large Board of Directors consisting of 94 voting members and over 300 volunteer members that serve on one of 10 standing committees. As a corporation, TLC has more than 200 full-time and seasonal employees (who are organized into 7 departments) and over 2,000 volunteers per year that are responsible for creating an atmosphere of success for more than 1,500 children with physical disabilities per summer. Stephen is a Certified Association Executive with the American Society of Association Executives, a past Certified Fund-Raising Executive with the Association of Fundraising Professionals. Stephen is a father of three and resides on TLC’s Kerrville campus together with his wife Shawn, who as luck would have it, is a professional editor.
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