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Finding the Corners

Tuesday, October 5, 2021 - by Stephen Mabry

Last Updated: 10/05/2021

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From the Office of the President & CEO
Stephen S. Mabry

Finding the Corners

Kerrville, TX - October 5, 2021. One of the more exciting times in the life-cycle of any new building (just behind funding and groundbreaking) is the day that the planned building’s “Corners are found”. This is exactly what it sounds like and involves identifying the footprint of the building and clearly marking each corner of the foundation. By this stage of construction, all of the preliminary traps have been run, and site preparations have been made but only those with the ability to read the blueprints or otherwise have the vision to see what someday will be, can visualize where the building will sit.

Finding the Corners

Finding the corners of the edifice gives even casual onlookers their first glimpse of what orientation, size & scope, and attitude the future building will take. And from that day forward the prelude to memories, experience, and discovery has begun.

Finding the Corners of Bunkhouse #1 is planned to happen this week on October 7th. The remainder of the month will be spent completing the site, laying forms, tying steel, testing and inspections and will culminate in the pouring of the foundation by the end of the month.

First Pay Application

I have received the first pay-app of the project in the amount of $517,155.30. The amount has been reviewed and approved for payment by TLC's architect and yours truly. Onward we push towards our goal.

Respectfully yours,

Stephen S. Mabry
President & CEO
Texas Lions Camp, Inc.


Stephen is President and CEO of Texas Lions Camp, Inc. and recently celebrated 30 years of service to this 70 year-old, 501(c)(3) charitable, organization in August of 2019. TLC, Inc. has a large Board of Directors consisting of 94 voting members and over 300 volunteer members that serve on one of 10 standing committees. As a corporation, TLC has more than 200 full-time and seasonal employees (who are organized into 7 departments) and over 2,000 volunteers per year that are responsible for creating an atmosphere of success for more than 1,500 children with physical disabilities per summer. Stephen has been a Certified Association Executive with the American Society of Association Executives, and a past Certified Fund-Raising Executive with the Association of Fundraising Professionals. Stephen is a father of three and resides on TLC’s Kerrville campus together with his wife Shawn, who as luck would have it, is a professional editor.
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