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Tuesday, February 9, 2021 - by Stephen S. Mabry

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From the Office of the President & CEO
Stephen S. Mabry


Kerrville, TX - February 9, 2021. At this time last year, I visited with you about the impact of COVID-19 on TLC’s summer operation and that given Time, Planning and Care, TLC would be back. In the past year, we have learned much about how this virus behaves, and what we can do as individuals to safeguard our own health as well as how to safeguard others.

Also in the past year, there has been much passed by way of public policy as well as research to indicate what has worked in larger settings and what has not been as successful. Given Time, planning and care, the Texas Lions Camp organization has formulated our strategic plan for operations during pandemic conditions and this was recently adopted as our approach during the Semi-Annual Board Meeting held this past Saturday at Texas Lions Camp.

I am excited to announce TLC-4-Families which will be offered during the summer of 2021 to families who find they could benefit from an outing together. Specifically, our facility will be offered to families who have one or more children living under their roof, with a special medical condition of some type. Since parents will remain on campus and in charge of their children our typical scope of services will not be constrained to our typical qualification list, except where we deem it would be unsafe to do so. Moreover, your other children who reside under your roof are welcome to come and participate at what TLC has to offer.

The way this will work and the main condition that will allow for its continued operation, is that families on campus will remain together at all times and socially distanced from others during their stay. They will reside together in their assigned, private unit and will participate as a group in the activities they select for their stay.

Those families with Type-1 Diabetes will be provided programming and housing during the month of July, where the month of June will be set aside for conditions other than Type-1 Diabetes. Dr. Ponder and I, along with his staff and mine, are continuing to develop the program for diabetes, but in addition to outdoor recreation as a family, certainly, med-ed will be a large part of what is offered during your stay if attending the July sessions.

For a long-time camper families, you are already accustomed to making the trek to Kerrville. Now you have a special invitation from me to you to extend that stay and join us for TLC-4-Families. Registration is available at our website, and as you might imagine, space is limited. Where normally TLC is in the large event business, this approach by design spreads out the scope for what will be allowed by pandemic operations.

So, get out your calendar, learn more about the program offering at lions and make your plans to join us while space remains. Until then, know that we are planning for your arrival and look forward to welcoming you to TLC-4-Families.

Respectfully yours,

Stephen S. Mabry
President & CEO
Texas Lions Camp, Inc.


Stephen is President and CEO of Texas Lions Camp, Inc. and recently celebrated 30 years of service to this 70 year-old, 501(c)(3) charitable, organization in August of 2019. TLC, Inc. has a large Board of Directors consisting of 94 voting members and over 300 volunteer members that serve on one of 10 standing committees. As a corporation, TLC has more than 200 full-time and seasonal employees (who are organized into 7 departments) and over 2,000 volunteers per year that are responsible for creating an atmosphere of success for more than 1,500 children with physical disabilities per summer. Stephen is a Certified Association Executive with the American Society of Association Executives, a past Certified Fund-Raising Executive with the Association of Fundraising Professionals. Stephen is a father of three and resides on TLC’s Kerrville campus together with his wife Shawn, who as luck would have it, is a professional editor.
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