Providing camping experiences at no charge, to children with medical conditions since 1949.


Texas Lions Camp
P.O. Box 290247
Kerrville, TX 78029

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Meet TLC's Professional Staff


  • Stephen Mabry, CEO
  • Erin Calan, Staff Accountant
  • Megan Jaeger, Donor Records Specialist


  • Glenn Wilson, Equestrian Director
  • Jess Mihalcik, Registrar


  • Trish Wilson, Director of Marketing
  • Heather Donnella
  • Leah Dreiss, Receptionist


  • Milton Dare, Director of Development & Major Gifts


  • Ken Folsom, Director of Maintenance
  • Bobby Tansil, Foreman
  • Josh Marquez, Maintenance Worker

With our gratitude…

It is with both sadness and excitement that I announce the departure of two amazing individuals from Texas Lions Camp.

Steven King has faithfully served TLC for 17 years as a professional staff member and 6 years as a seasonal staff member and has recently stepped into a life-long dream of his that will further showcase his skill as an entrepreneur. TLC has benefitted greatly from Steven’s considerable talents, drive and next-level abilities and while I am saddened to be losing him from the staff, I can’t help myself from being excited about the opportunities that lie before him.

Patty Rodriguez has served as a member of the professional staff for 5 years as Program Supervisor and a member of the seasonal staff for 5 years. Her contagious energy and drive have served to augment TLC’s seasonal-staff recruitment and support efforts. Over the prior two years, Patty has taken next steps to obtain her Masters Degree in Social-Work and leaves us to further-align those abilities at one of our local, excellently administered State Hospitals.

When you hire excellent people and they shine in their God-given talents, their skills become marketable as a commodity that other organizations need and want. So, while I am saddened for us, I am decidedly excited for the next chapter in their lives as well as the obvious next chapter in the Texas Lions Camp story. Both Steven and Patty leave Texas Lions Camp on good terms and are deserving of our eternal gratitude for serving Texas Lions Camp as faithful stewards.


Stephen, CEO